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Extreme Makeover Beverly Hills

Can’t See Upper Teeth

As we grow older, two things are happening simultaneously, the face is moving lower and the teeth are getting shorter due to wear.  Because of Gravity, like it or not, our faces drop or shift downward over time.  Younger people show their upper teeth because they have firmer soft tissue, and older people show their lower teeth because the soft tissue of the face moves downward.  The second reason older people show less upper teeth is because the teeth wear down with age.  The upper and lower teeth get shorter from clenching and grinding.   The sizes of our worn down teeth can be completely reversed and our faces lengthened and supported with Face Lift Dentistry®.

Extreme Makeover Beverly Hills

A face-lift will not help as much as complex dental care.  A plastic surgeon cannot be as beneficial as a Face Lift Dentist®.  The developer of Face Lift Dentistry® and trademark owner is Dr. Sam Muslin of Santa Monica California.  He has developed the techniques to be able to change a patient’s face by idealizing the bite three dimensionally.

Extreme Makeover Details

Bob, needed an enormous amount of dental work.  His entire bite was completely redeveloped in order to physically lengthen his face, support his lips and three dimensionally reposition his lower jaw in just a matter of days without surgery.  Bob did not miss work, need pain medication and yet had every remaining tooth crowned with the new high tech dental porcelain crowns.  The customization of the shapes on his crowns completely changed Bob’s entire face “naturally”.  Now, Bob shows his upper teeth in the most natural manner.  His health was dramatically improved and his entire appearance revitalized.

Gums Grow Back – Extreme Makeover Beverly Hills

If the crowns are made perfectly, the shapes of the teeth are specifically contoured and the margins are completely smooth, the gums can grow back without skin grafts or surgery.  The dentistry must be perfect for the gums to fit between the teeth just as they did 50 years ago in Bob’s mouth.  The results have completely changed Bob’s disposition.

Caution !

All of the photos in this website are untouched and unaltered and are matched in order to allow the dental profession and prospective patients to accurately compare the before and after photography.  All of the photos were taken and all of the treatment completed by Dr. Sam Muslin. 

Do no be fooled with before and after photos that do not match.  Many of the best cosmetic dentists in Beverly Hills have photos that do not match in size and position.  Their results are questionable unless an accurate comparison can be made. 

Be cautious about gimmicks to cover the questionable results like taking a poorly developed “before” photo and sending the patient to a professional photographer for the “after” photo that they may alter.

30 Years of Experience

When choosing the best cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, it may be a better idea to choose the best cosmetic dentist awarded in 2009 in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.  With one of the worlds best collection of “full face before and after photo galleries” it would be wise to consider his expertise before being treated by any other dentist.  Call for an appointment.